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Let’s go for a drive…    Brooksville

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This is one of my favorite drives – short and sweet, it can be done in an easy morning or afternoon. I’d recommend afternoon if you want to stop at Eliot Coleman’s Four Season Farmstand …

First stop, Sow’s Ear Winery, on your right about a mile and a half along. Tom Hoey makes some of the best fruit wines around. If Tom is around, you might find yourself in an interesting conversation about … who knows?

Meandering on down the road, you map of Brooksville, Mainesoon come to Bucks Harbor. Condon’s Garage, made famous in Robert McCloskey’s book, Blueberries for Sal, sits on your right as you come downhill into town.

The Bucks Harbor Market is a good place to stop for a cooling drink, some lunch, or supplies for a picnic. They sell local, fresh vegetables all summer, good cheeses and wines, as well as the usual groceries.

Bucks – the restaurant behind the market – offers what Chef Jonathan Chase refers to as “comfort food” to patrons.  A great place to meet friends and enjoy a good meal.

1.Eliot Coleman’s Four Season Farmstand and
    Cape Rosier Artist Collective
Download a PDF of the Brooklin - Brooksville Drive here (975 kb).
Back in the car, continue to wend your way out to Cape Rosier. Take a left at the sign for Cape Rosier, about 2 miles from Bucks Harbor, and follow along the pretty wooded road until you get to the Rosier Grange.

Taking a left at the grange will send you towards the water, still on a beautiful wooded road. You’ll see some lobster boats moored in the cove. Continuing on for less than a mile, you’ll come to a beach on your left. This is a good place to stop for some sunbathing, a picnic, or to put your feet in the water.

Moving along again, go up the hill, through the blueberry field and into the woods once more. About a mile or so further on, you’ll come to Eliot Coleman’s Four Season Farm – and a chance to get the best organic produce around. If you know anything about organic gardening, you know that Eliot is the guru of the four season harvest. His produce is absolutely the freshest, and he takes great pride in its quality and appearance.

The farmstand is open weekdays from 1-5. If you’re there at the right time, Eliot grows artichokes! I look forward to those days when he has two of my faves – artichokes and the best melons for miles!

A great new addition to this drive is the Cape Rosier Artist Collective – also located at Four Season Farmstand – featuring artists and writers from Cape Rosier, including Eliot Coleman, Barbara Damrosch, Peter Diemond, Jeanne Gaudette, Mia Kanazawa, Mark Kindschi, Jane Ploughman, and John Vincent.

The Gallery, an addition to Eliot Coleman’s Four Season Farm Stand, features handwoven rugs, scarves, handfelted puppets and sculptural objects, pastels, oil paintings and watercolors, metal sculpture, handmade cards and Barbara and Eliot’s gardening books.

Moving on again, continue down the road until you come to the little village of Harborside. Olde Crow's Cottage will provide a fun diversion and some quality craft shopping.

And since you’re in the neighborhood, why not take a side trip to the Holbrook Island Sanctuary on your way back out? You can park and walk around, have a picnic, take a nap…

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